Driver: You Are The Wheelman: The Movie (2017)

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This here is my first full-length movie since “Bonestyx” (2010). It’s a movie adaptation of the PC Game “Driver: You Are The Wheelman”. What’s really cool about it is that I’ve lent my voice over to the main character John Tanner (replacing Bradley Lavelle, the original voice actor), adding some more quotes while retaining most of the original quotes, making Tanner sound a bit more comedic. Note that I am credited as “Doctor Danno”, which happens to be my stage name. Also, I’ve added in some more sound effects not normally heard in game (suspension sounds, pedestrians shouting while getting out of your way, scraping against walls, etc.) To add to the custom sounds, normally in-game, all the drivable cars use the exact same engine sound files, but I had modded the sounds so it seems as though each car has its own engine sound. (eg. the starting car in Miami has the drive, idle, and horn loops of the Panoz GTR-1 Race Car from Midtown Madness 1). I also added in engine backfires, not just by adding in a flame where the muffler is, but also using the sound of a sniper rifle firing as the sound of the backfire. One other thing to note is that today (Saturday, May 13, 2017) marks exactly 10 years since I joined YouTube in 2007, and so this video was published today to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. I’m one of the lucky users, as many other YouTube channels had the misfortune of either getting banned, deactivated, or abandoned by their creators. Enjoy, anyways!
DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own the rights to “Driver: You Are The Wheelman”. ALL rights belong to Ubisoft Reflections Ltd. (known as “Reflections Interactive Ltd.” at the time of the games release) and Atari, Inc. (known as “GT Interactive Software Corporation” at the time of the release, then “Infogrames, Inc.”)
NOTE: The moves and stunts that you see Tanner make in this movie are meant to STAY in this movie!! In real life, it’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that the following be done:
1. Take safety and responsibility into mind when driving, and take it VERY SERIOUS!!!
2. Obey each and every law of the road!!! Don’t drink and drive!!! We already have more than enough automobile accident related injuries and deaths going on, and we DO NOT WANT ANY MORE OF THESE INCIDENTS HAPPENING!!! The cops are on the watch 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, and 365 days a year!! Therefore, don’t be surprised if you see any of those blue and red lights in the rear-view mirror!!! I got no love, sympathy, forgiveness, or mercy for those who drive drunk, because THEY DON’T DESERVE IT!!! All they deserve is punishments such as the loss of one’s licence, a heavy fine they need to pay, or even a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGG time they need to serve in a correctional facility!!
3. ALWAYS wear your seat belt!!! Buckle up, it’s the law!!!
77Pacer Studios is NOT responsible for your actions!! Thank you for your understanding!!!!
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When posting your links, remember to use the FULL video link like this: DO NOT use the shortened links, they will sometimes not work.