The United States Revolutionary War History Morristown New Jersey

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The United States Revolutionary War History Morristown, NJ part.
Walking Tour US Revolutionary War Morristown, New Jersey.

Historian, lecturer, and museum docent Joel Farkas guides through Morristown, New Jersey showing us the important statues, the village green, Arnold Tavern, Benedict Arnold, Dickerson Tavern, First Presbyterian Church cemetery, Jacob Ford family, Hamilton Schuyler House, Ford Mansion, Washington Museum, and Jockey Hollow.

Historian, Lecturer Joel Farkas gives us America and Morristown, NJ history in the 1770’s in a fun and interesting way. Joel paints an extraordinary detailed, and colorful picture of George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Jockey Hollow, Ford Mansion, Benedict Arnold, and everyone involved in the forming of the new republic that happened in Morristown, NJ.

America’ was being formed and Morristown, NJ was one of the important venues that help George Washington win the war. If your history buff and love learning Joel will not disappoint.

George Washington and the Continental Army were obliged to set up an encampment in Morristown, NJ because of transportation problems. Washington liked Morristown’s “defensible terrain, important communication routes, and access to critical resources.”. The Ford family had businesses in iron mines, iron forges, a gristmill, a hemp-mill, and a gunpowder mill that were all stationed near the house. These businesses were useful to the army in getting resources.

The surrounding community was made up of 250 residents and 70 buildings. In 1777, many high-ranking officials rented these houses. Unfortunately, there was an epidemic of smallpox that spread through the town from the soldiers, making the townspeople somewhat bitter to Washington’s troops when they arrived in 1779.

George Washington’s army was stationed at Jockey Hollow while Washington stayed in Ford Mansion. Jockey Hollow is three miles south of George Washington’s Headquarters.

Jockey Hollow, Henry Wick built this Cape Cod Style house around 1750. His 1,400-acre farm, most of which was covered by forest, made him the largest landowner in Morristown, NJ. Henry Wick’s trees attracted George Washington’s army to the area as a winter encampment site because they needed logs to build cabins for shelter and wood to burn for heating and cooking. During the winter of 1779-1780, the army chopped down over 600 acres of his trees on Mr. Wick’s property and more on neighbor’s property.

****CORRECTION***** At 0:11 the photo is not Benedict Arnold it’s Nathanael Greene

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Jockey Hollow National Park
Jockey Hollow Visitor Center
586 Tempe Wick Road
Morristown, NJ 07960

Washington’s Headquarters Museum
Ford Mansion
30 Washington Place
Morristown, NJ 07960

Schuyler-Hamilton House
5 Olyphant Pl
Morristown, NJ 07960
Phone: (973) 267-4039

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