How To Recover Deleted data from Any Device (Free)

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iCare Data Recovery Free – 100% Freeware
Recover files with free data recovery software from most digital devices
in a way which is much faster, no limit & totally FREE.

USB Pen Drive Data Recovery – Recovering deleted files from USB flash/thumb drive

Need to recover data from your pen drive? Firstly do not make any further changes on the thumb drive. And then download iCare Data Recovery Pro, the pen drive recovery tool which is able to recover pen drive from various problems. It is especially useful for recovering deleted files from pen drive with a 90% -100% success chance!


how to perform pen drive file rescuing

Step 1 – Download and install iCare Data Recovery, connect your USB pen drive to PC and run iCare.

Step 2 – Wait for scanning files processes from a pen thumb drive.

Step 3 – Preview lost files/photos and save it on your computer hard disk.

How to Recover Data from Pen Stick without Software?

Without help from any software, the only possibility to recover data from a pen stick is that you backed up in advance before data losses happened. Otherwise, you will have to run data recovery software for its recovery.

How to Restore Data from Pen Drive Which Is Not Visible?

How can you get files back from a pen drive which is not showing up? Below is the different circumstances for invisible file recovery on a pen drive.

1. Data recovery from pen drive which cannot be recognized by the PC

A pen drive can not be recognized might be caused by man-made error or virus attack, improperly operation, etc. When a pen drive is not detected by Windows, go to Disk Management to run a search on it. Then, try to disconnect and reconnect the pen drive to your computer again. Please make sure the USB port works well. If pen drive did not experience any chip damages, if iCare Data Recovery can detect it then you may freely start a recovery.

2. Data on pen drive got wiped out

If the pen drive cannot be recognized but also all data on it is not showing, please go to the Folder Options from Tools bar on My Computer to visit all hidden files and folders. Otherwise, files might be hidden or corrupted by viruses or spyware, simply run antivirus software to scan the pen drive to check the virus.

iCare SD Memory Card Recovery

The best sd memory card data recovery software for android phones, digital cameras.

The easiest way to get back your lost data from all kinds of memory cards.


Don’t Worry about Data Loss

No matter what type of data you lose, no matter what type of device you are using, iCare SD Card Recovery can restore data for you as follows:


The format or Factory Reset

Virus Attack

Raw Drive Error

Card Ask Reformatting

Denied Accessibility& Not Detected

Removal without Ejecting

Only if your memory card is not physically damaged, your data can be recovered.

Supports All Kinds of Memory Card

iCare SD Card Recovery Free Edition can recover all kinds of memory card including Mobile/Camera SD Memory Card, Micro SD/TF, XD, CF Card, SDXC, etc.

Support All the Brands of Memory Card

iCare SD Card Recovery Free Edition Supports all the brands of memory card, eg: Sandisk, Samsung, Kingston, Silicon Power, Beeway, Generic, PNY, Transcend…

RAW Drive Recovery – Convert RAW File System with CMD and Software


If your digital device like external hard drive or sd memory card suddenly became raw and asked reformatting, don’t worry, download this raw drive recovery utility to repair raw file system and access its inside data with iCare which only takes 3 easy steps to get out of the RAW hassles! Most raw cases of 80% to 100% Recovery by iCare! Download iCare Pro, the Raw Recovery Tool Now and it is free to recover data for free within 1gb.

What is raw file system and how to repair raw drive

when I connect my USB flash drive to my computer, it warns the drive is not formatted do you want to format it now? and also chkdsk reports not available for raw drives. There are some very very important files inside and I do not want to reformat it. What should I do to recover the raw usb drive? The file system is RAW and used space 0 bytes, how to fix it?

What is the raw file system and how to repair the raw drive

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When posting your links, remember to use the FULL video link like this: DO NOT use the shortened links, they will sometimes not work. Thank You : )