Aquarium Fish Breed Names And Setup

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Aquarium Fish Breed Names And Setup
Listed below are some of the most low maintenance fish that are sure to be solid choices for your beginner aquarium.
Black Molly.
Tiger barb
When selecting fish for a beginner aquarist, one of the key factors is finding low maintenance species. Like any hobbyists starting out, you will want to make sure you do not inundate yourself with too many responsibilities too early.
you choose Goldfish for their wide spectrum of colors, the range of sizes, or the fancy varieties with bubbleheads and big eyes, they are great for beginners.

Goldfish do prefer water on the colder side (specifically 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit) so make sure to keep them in a room temperature tank.
Black Molly:
If you want a more community-oriented fish, then look no further than the Black Molly. A passive fish, the Black Molly is well suited to life in a diverse aquatic environment. Not only are they good with other fish species, but also they are well suited to varied water types.

They can adapt to salt water, fresh water, or even brackish water, which makes them a good choice for almost any tank. Similarly to the Platies, the Black Molly species are livebearers; only in this case, the parents will eat their offspring if there is not ample vegetation in which the young fish can hide.
Fancy Guppies are one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish out there – and for good reason! Their hardy nature, bright coloration, and ease-of-care makes them a great choice, even for first time aquarium owners.

Because of their small size, Guppies are fine in pretty small tanks – 10 gallons should be more than enough. That said, Guppies are also known to reproduce very fast. 5 can turn into 50 in no time, so make sure you have a plan for all of the fry.
Tiger Barb:
The Tiger Barb is a lively, energetic fish famous for its recognizable orange and black striped pattern. As a schooling fish, Tiger Barbs should be kept in groups of 5-6 for best results.

In my opinion, Tiger Barbs are one of the most entertaining fish to watch – these little things NEVER stop moving. That said, they can be a bit nippy. Be careful when keeping them with long-finned fish such as Angelfish.

As an omnivorous species, Tiger Barbs should be fed a mix of flake food and meaty food (frozen brine shrimp or bloodworms) for optimal health. They also feel most “at home” in planted aquariums, but plants definitely aren’t an absolute must.
Oscar Cichlids:
Oscar fish are a big commitment, with similar lifespans to dogs. They also have very similar personalities to dogs and are often called “water puppies”. Oscars can learn to recognize their owner and normally respond very positively to them, with some going as far as allowing their owners to pet them.
Oscars are also very hardy and forgiving fish, which makes them suitable for beginners. In addition, most other hardy fish are not nearly as beautiful as the Oscar, nor do they have as many color variants. As long as a beginner has the space for one and knows they are signing up for 10+ years of care, the Oscar is a great pet, and they will stay loving and entertaining for their whole lives.

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When posting your links, remember to use the FULL video link like this: DO NOT use the shortened links, they will sometimes not work.