How to Find And Delete Duplicate Image, Video, Audio, Files in Windows

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5 Reasons You Need A Duplicate Files Finder For Efficient Computing
How much duplicate data is there in your PC, Mac, or Cloud Drive? You won’t believe, it can be a hell lot of Gigabytes especially if you’ve not cleaned your system or cloud drive for long!

We all know that over time duplicate clutter gets accumulated wherever data is stored. Measuring and removing this truly unwanted data becomes close to impossible. Unfortunately, the numerous versions of a single file can expose our system to extreme disorganization.

To take you out of this mess, Clone Files Checker comes to rescue.

Here are the 5 reasons you need it to keep your system or cloud drive free from excessive duplicate files:

More Disk Space

It is difficult to find and then get rid of these zillions of duplicate photos, cloned images, identical music files (mp3, mp4, etc), HD copied videos, iTunes libraries and the similar versions of documents and archives. The energetic duplicate cleaner, Clone Files Checker, will delete all ‘trash’ stuff within seconds and you will be able to rescue 10s of GBs of hard drive space without the need to purchase new storage space.

Well-Organized Data

You can find, review, and clean duplicate files in different ways offered by the software.

Manage Data on the Cloud
Clone Files Checker scans your OneDrive, Google Drive & Dropbox for duplicates. In addition, Mac users can also scan their Box cloud and remove duplicate files, photos, songs, and videos. The whole process is thoroughly safe and employs the latest data protection tools at all stages.

More Speed & Productivity
Achieve work productivity by organizing data and making system lighter through cleaning duplicate files with Clone Files Checker. You will be amazed to know that a system with less junk works much faster.

Data Security with Cost Saving
Using this efficient file management tool, limit the cost of online data storage in case your computer is running short of space. Manually ‘playing’ with file duplication can be risky. Avoid this risk by using the secure data removal feature of Clone Files Checker.

Clone Files Checker for Windows, Features

*1-Click removal of duplicate files w/ 100% accuracy and speed
*Customized scanner to scan specific drives and duplicate folders
*Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox Duplicate File Finder
*iTunes Duplicate Finder and Dead Tracks Remover
*Remove Duplicate Music from PC
*Right-click scan option to identify and remove dupe files
*Quick-Fix that will let you trash the unwanted files instantly
*Export files to Microsoft Excel
*Live preview of images, songs, videos
*Move identical files to another folder
*Move files to recycle bin

Clone Files Checker for Mac, Features

*Scan duplicates (documents, images, music, videos & archives)
*Scan specific folders. Exclude folders you don’t need to scan
*Cloud Duplicate Finder scan (supports OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox & Box)
*Scan files within a specified file size range
*View scan results by categories (all files, documents, images, music, videos & archives)
*Launch a file detected as duplicate by selecting Open File from its *context menu
*Preview image files
*Retain files from each duplicate group. 5 different file selection methods (newest, oldest, most modified, least modified and folder location) are available for retaining files
*Manually select the file you want to retain
*Export the scan results in.CSV and HTML format


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When posting your links, remember to use the FULL video link like this: DO NOT use the shortened links, they will sometimes not work. Thank You : )


When posting your links, remember to use the FULL video link like this: DO NOT use the shortened links, they will sometimes not work. Thank You : )