Chow Chow Dog : Dog Facts, Health Problems, Recommended Exercise

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Chow Chow Dog Breed: A Breed that is Well-mannered and dignified, with a heart of gold. Breed Information, Characteristics, Common Health Problems, Recommended Exercise, Nutrition & Lifestyle.

Dog Breed Type: Utility Dog group, attachment to only one person
Weight: 18kg to 32kg
Size: 46cm-56cm
Expected Life Span: approx. 10 years
Recommended Exercise: One hour per day
Common Health Problem: Heat Stroke & Breathing Problems
Most popular Chow Chow Name: Lola

Chow Chows are proud and independent, and make very loyal companions. From grooming advice to common health conditions, our video covers the key things you should know about this fox-coloured dog, with his distinct blue tongue.

In this video, you will watch
1. Fun and Interesting Facts of Chow Chow Dog
2. Grooming Advice for Chow Chow Dog
3. Chow Chow Breed Information and Advice
4. Recommended Exercise and Nutrition
5. Common Health Problems and & Illness

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This Chow Chow video provides Chow Chow Dog Information, chow chow characteristics, chow chow facts and info. This dog breed is dogs with a blue tongue and is considered one of the cutest dogs ever in the world. In this chow chow video, we tried to provide chow chow facts,chow chow dog information through cute chow chow videos, where they can be seen cute chow chow puppies playing, chow chow sleeping.

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When posting your links, remember to use the FULL video link like this: DO NOT use the shortened links, they will sometimes not work. Thank You : )