#Big #water #cannon ISUZU 8×4 FIH300-350 STG Global Suppressor 13000 in action gran cañón de agua

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Introducing STG Global’s Suppressor 13000, a more versatile option to a conventional or moxy water truck.

After many years supplying world class fully hot dip galvanised Water Trucks to the construction industry, STG Global identified a problem with dust suppression in hard to operate sites like construction sites, quarries and recycling centres and has been working hard to develop a better solution.

After tirelessly working with the Research and Development team, STG Global has once again been the market leaders in cutting edge design and innovation.

The STG Global suppressor 13000 is a product based on the already tried and tested STG Global WT13000. Featuring a 13000 litre fully hot-dipped galvanised water tank, Cummins Onan generator and a large water cannon mister that propels a mist of water by way of high-powered fan up to 400 meters away.

The Suppressor 13000 is also equipped with STG Global’s world-renowned spray system comprising of rear spays, batter spays, front sprays and is featured with an Elkhart brass remote controlled firefighting cannon, made in the USA.

The Suppressor 13000 is a ready to work unit and features a Cannon mister with operation via a wireless remote control up to 100 meters away, along with Driver operated pneumatic in cab controls to all sprays and a 15-meter hose and nozzle kit for those smaller jobs.

The STG Global Suppressor 13000 can also be fitted with optional extras like a Dial-up hydraulic system and can be fitted with Certified R.O.P.S handrails and ladders to make it mine site compliant.

In designing the STG Global Suppressor 13000 one of the main objectives was site efficiency, that’s why the Suppressor 13000 has the capability of lasting up to 3 hours with a single misting ring or 2 hours with dual misting rings, in comparison to a traditional water truck that lasts just 30 minutes. This makes the Suppressor 13000 6 times more efficient and allows for more duty time between fills.

The mistings rings are designed to produce finer water particles and more of them, to tackle more dust over a far greater distance, ensuring maximum dust suppression across a greater area.

The Suppressor 13000 is mounted on the 8×4 Isuzu FYH300-350 coupled with the all-new Cummins Onan 150KVA diesel generator to power the cannon mister and accessories, the Suppressor 13000 is ready to tackle any industry from demolition to construction, mining, quarries and many other industries around the world.

STG Global’s Suppressor 13000 is the perfect solution to your dust problems, discover STG Global’s industry-leading range of trucks and modules today by visiting https://stgglobal.net
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When posting your links, remember to use the FULL video link like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOb6ul-82Ms DO NOT use the shortened youtu.be links, they will sometimes not work. Thank You : )