The ULTIMATE outdoor Security Camera on a BUDGET

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Home security is extremely important for each one of us and as the smart home tech continuously evolves day after day, so is the home security automation. There are so many choices out there when it comes to home security cameras that you might feel overwhelmed so in todays video were gonna have a look at what I retain to be the ultimate outdoor home security camera on a budget. I actually spent hours on research trying to find the perfect security camera and this one seemed the only one to have all the features I was looking for.

This is the K&F Concept DQ 201 and in this video we’re gonna have a look at some of the features that make this camera stand out from the others and also a few tiny things that could be improved. I’m not gonna go through all the setup process. You have a whole user manual in the box, with full, easy to follow, step by step instructions on how to connect the camera. Basically, all you need is a WIFI connection and a smartphone that runs on iOS or Android.

Some of the top features found on the K&F Concept DQ 201 Solar Security Camera are:
-100% Wireless & Solar Powered
-1080P Full HD & Colour Night Vision
-PIR Motion Detection & Sound-Light Alarm
-360Β°View & 2-way Audio
-Data Storage & After-sales Service

Time Stamp
0:00 Intro
0:54 The reason why I bought the K&F Concept DQ 201
1:26 Battery capacity
2:39 Different types of storage available (local & cloud)
3:12 The sensor capacities
4:26 Connect the camera to your Wifi network
5:15 The app that controls the device
6:00 Some drawbacks that could be improved
7:09 Outro

I hope this was helpful!

If you’re looking to by one of these K&F Concept DQ 201 Solar Security Camera, you can order it from here:

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When posting your links, remember to use the FULL video link like this: DO NOT use the shortened links, they will sometimes not work.