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The Adding Machine

Honoring working men and women everywhere on this Labor Day, I present to all theatre lovers that subscribe to this channel an online staged reading of Elmer Rice’s classic depiction of the dehumanization of the worker in the machine age…. CAST: Mr

publish September 7, 2021 20
Uncle Tom's Cabin (1927 silent film)

Happy Juneteenth, everybody! In honor of the now official Juneteenth federal holiday, I thought this would be a good share for the occasion. And let me know if you’d like to participate in a live-stream reading of the George Aiken adaptation of Harriet B

publish June 19, 2021 114
Comedy Tonight

Stephen Sondheim musical cover! A funny thing happened on the way down the aisle at Party City when I saw this toga! I’ve done lots of these cover songs for musical theatre numbers before, but I think I’m gonna start adding the cosplay element, alo

publish May 23, 2021 61
The Painting (audiobook trailer)

This audiobook of my father-in-law’s novel, which I narrated, is now for sale on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. Don’t miss this fascinating story about a living painting that takes two friends on a magical journey into a land of enchantment that the e

publish May 19, 2021 95
Great Lines From Plays

I’m seeking input from you, and all other theatre fanatics everywhere… Last year, for World Theatre Day, I put out a video with a montage of inspirational quotes about just how theatre inspires: This year, World Theater

publish March 24, 2021 73
The Merchant of Venice

William Shakespeare’s eloquent reminder that “the quality of mercy is not strained” in this classic tale of love, revenge and redemption, told from the perspectives of Portia, Shylock, Antonio, Bassanio and the rest of Shakespeare’s ama

publish March 1, 2021 73
One Day More: Les Mis One Man Show

Another Tiktok challenge… some dude there challenged anyone who calls themself a real theatre kid to sing every part of “One Day More” from Les Miserables as the ultimate Theatre Kid Challenge… I guess he wasn’t counting on how co

publish February 24, 2021 80
President's Day for Theatre Nerds

Happy President’s Day! Theatre Kids, let’s use this day to reflect on how we can connect today’s holiday to what we all love, and take a look at some of great plays about Washington and Lincoln! We can also start preparing for life after Covi

publish February 15, 2021 111
The Rugged Pyrrhus | The Sack of Troy

As told by William Shakespeare, inspired by The Illiad of Homer, but as told the Bard in the “play within a play” (Hamlet) Combining the first part, recited by Hamlet, remembering the previous performance of The Player King he loved, and the part a

publish February 2, 2021 96
Once Upon a Dream

Another Disney cover that I was thrilled to join with this lady on Smule, responding to a request from her daughter. And she liked my contribution to it so much that she told me she wanted to share it all over her social media as well! If you enjoy this video,

publish January 25, 2021 90
Team Robozeta Auditions | Voice Over Demo Reel Auditions

A great opportunity offered by Saturday Morning TV (SMTV) on TikTok for these anime characters, and no matter what happens, a lot of good cartoon character voices to add to my voice over! Even if not cast, I hope the way I bring these cartoons to life in these

publish January 21, 2021 83
If (poem by Rudyard Kipling)

One of the most loved Rudyard Kipling poems, the classic “advice to my younger self” story, and an inspirational message for your kids. If you enjoy this dramatized poetry reading / video, CLICK HERE: Also, check out my Poetr

publish January 14, 2021 86

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When posting your links, remember to use the FULL video link like this: DO NOT use the shortened links, they will sometimes not work. Thank You : )