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My Art Progress (Boosette Speedpaint)

With the start of the new year, I wanted to do a series of redone artwork to compare how my art style and process has changed over the years. For the first one, I’m going after Boosette.

publish January 5, 2022 155
Hazbin Hotel Theory: Is Alastor Friend or Foe?

Lots of people are wondering what our favorite radio demon, Alastor, is up to when it comes to his true intentions towards Charlie and her hotel. Let’s take a look see shall we and dive on into the inner workings of Alastor’s mind.

publish December 24, 2021 223
Helluva Boss Theory: Is Asmodeus The Prince Of Lust?

Let’s have a look at one of Helluva Boss’s newest characters in the series, Asmodeus or Ozzie for short. The question that remains is he the ruler of the lust ring or is their a bigger fish in the sea of hell?

publish December 5, 2021 260
No Face and Chihiro (Spirited Away Speedpaint)

Its been a while since my last video, but please enjoy this glorious spirited away speed paint video. Spirited Away is one of my favorite Ghibli movies and will always be my top favorite.

publish December 5, 2021 258
Fran Bow Theory: Is Fran Bow Really Alive?

Let’s dive on in about Fran Bow’s supposedly happy ending that has been bothering me for a while now. Also, the other elements in the game where the story never truly revealed the answer to us. Enjoy!

publish July 9, 2021 136
Little Nightmares 2: Both Endings Explained

With the Little Nightmare’s 2 game out, let’s dive in to see what both of these endings could mean and figure out why Six betrays Mono? Also, discovering glitchy Slenderman aka the thin man’s true identity.

publish June 28, 2021 255
Helluva Boss: Demon Transformation Explained

Let’s see if I can make some sense out of the whole transformation situation in the Helluva Boss storyline.

publish May 17, 2021 206
At Dead of Night: Ending Explained

Let’s talk the Dead of Night game and the horrific history surrounding Jimmy. Also, my own thoughts and theories about the ending of the game.

publish February 16, 2021 548
Why I love Danganronpa| Monokuma/Monomi Speedpaint

Decided to draw and paint out the human versions of Monokuma and Monomi who were the mascots of the first two games in the series. I hope you enjoy the video.

publish January 31, 2021 229
[SpeedPaint] Madness Challenge -Smile (Evil Version)

Hello and its the same little boy but this time he’s up to mischief while channeling some dark, evil spirits in his wake in the madness art challenge. Hope you enjoy it!

publish January 30, 2021 198
[SpeedPaint] Madness Challenge -Smile (Good Version)

Got inspired by a madness challenge art prompt that I found on the internet and this little boy was born. Even though, its a dark madness art prompt it still came out really happy go lucky.

publish January 30, 2021 197
[SpeedPaint] Draw This In Your Style -Candy Girl | DTIYS #3

Another draw this in your style challenge entry of an adorable candy wearing girl. Enjoy the music and the speedpaint!

publish January 30, 2021 202

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When posting your links, remember to use the FULL video link like this: DO NOT use the shortened links, they will sometimes not work.