Easy ways to get 4000 YouTube Watch Hours faster

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4000 Watch Hours

If you’re a YouTuber who wants to monetize your content with Adsense, you’ll need to have generated 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours on your channel over the last 365 days. In a future post, we’ll go into subscriber growth in greater detail, but for now, let’s focus on how to get 4000 YouTube Watch hours.


4,000 hours is equal to 240,000 minutes, that’s a lot of time, but we’ll give you some sound suggestions on how to attract more people to view your videos and get you closer to your goal. We’ll also tell you which TubeBuddy tools will be most useful.


4000 Required hours



  • 1. The length of your videos and your YouTube Watch Hours

You probably believe that the longer your content is, the easier it will be to increase your YouTube watch hours. That is FAR FROM THE TRUTH, and it may even backfire if your statistics show that people are not watching your videos to the end. These numbers are scrutinized by YouTube, and the more viewers who quit your videos, the less likely it is to be served to additional people on the platform.


Making shorter videos that people view for longer periods of time may be a far more effective strategy than making a large video that people only watch a quarter of the way through.


How lengthy should your videos be? The answer is as long as it takes to convey the message. It would really help you if you can reduce and bundle your videos in the smallest period of time necessary.



  • 2. Can YouTube Shorts help reach monetization faster?

YouTube Shorts


Should you produce Shorts videos instead of longer-form content if we’re recommending you to keep your videos as short as possible? Perhaps not.

Any subscribers you get as a result of your Shorts will count toward your 1,000-subscriber objective (the other metric you need to fulfill in order to qualify for the YouTube Partner Program and qualify for monetization).


However, the time spent watching YouTube Shorts, particularly if they’re offered to users via the Shorts shelf, won’t count towards your 4,000-hour requirement. So keep making Shorts if that’s what you want to do, but keep in mind that they won’t help you improve your watch time.



  • 3. Pay attention to your metrics!

If you’ve been uploading videos to your channel, you’ll have some performance data to work with, which can provide you insight into how well your content is received.


Both YouTube and TubeBuddy provide a number of features that may assist you with issues such as audience retention and drop-off rate.


YouTube Studio gives you access to your audience retention metrics. Simply select a released video and then ‘Analytics.’ To get to the data you need, go to the new dashboard and click on ‘Engagement.’ Keep an eye out for measures like ‘Typical Audience Retention’ and ‘Key Moments for Audience Retention.’ In a subsequent posting, we’ll go deeper into these reports.


If you have a TubeBuddy Legend or Enterprise membership, you may use their ‘Retention Analyzer’ report to see how many people are still viewing your video at different time intervals, such as 30 seconds or 60 seconds.


If you see a sharp drop in retention, be sure to address it in your content strategy. Consider the sorts of videos you’re creating and how lengthy they’ll be. After you’ve launched a video, keep a careful check on audience retention to identify where you can make quality adjustments.



  • 4. Publish Your Videos When Your Viewers are Online

When you post a video online, you want as many people to watch it as possible. Knowing when and where the majority of your viewers are watching is one parameter that will be quite useful to you.


For example, if you’re located in the United States but the majority of your readers are in Korea, you should post in KST to take advantage of those viewers and subscribers.


TubeBuddy provides a tool that can help you figure out when the optimal moment to post is, and it’s open to anybody with a license.


Open the TubeBuddy icon in the upper right corner of your YouTube Studio, then scroll down to ‘Extension Tools’ and select ‘Best Time To Publish.’ You’ll be taken to YouTube Studio Analytics’ ‘Audience’ tab. Scroll down to the ‘When your viewers are on YouTube’ area of this dashboard.


TubeBuddy’s advice for when to upload your next video are just below YouTube’s graph. It even advises you when is the optimal time to live stream!

YouTube Watch Time

What is the significance of publishing time? The first 24 hours after a video is posted are critical for a creator. When a new video gains a lot of traction in Terms of views, interactions, and watch time, it sends a strong signal to YouTube that it’s doing well. It’s possible that it’ll be advertised to new viewers as a result of this.



  • 5. Use End Screens, Info Cards, and Playlists to their Full Potential

Two wonderful YouTube features that allow you to link to other videos (and much more) are info cards and end screens. These might provide extra context for a topic you’re addressing or allow you to promote more of your content to your audience. So, if you’re not already making use of either of these opportunities, get started right away!


Many creators utilize end screens and info cards to direct viewers to a specific video, but did you know you can also connect to a playlist? To make the most of your content, make a playlist of the videos that have gotten you the most subscribers


This is a crucial method for increasing your channel’s watch hours. Content that keeps audiences on the website for as long as possible is rewarded by YouTube. Driving traffic to a well-curated and relevant Playlist will, in addition, increase your viewers’ time spent watching



6. Increase engagement by using Comments


It’s usually a good idea to react to comments on your YouTube videos as soon as possible, especially in the first few hours after they’ve been published. So, to increase engagement and watch time and views, develop a prefabricated answer remark that contains a link to your most popular video or a series of videos on a comparable topic.


To spark more interaction, you may also design prefabricated replies with open-ended topics. For example:


  • “What was your favorite part of the video?”

  • “Do you think I should continue this series or start a new one?”

  • “Want to see the footage that I didn’t upload?”


When viewers see that you have reacted to their comment, they frequently return to your video and watch it again, resulting in even more engagement.


If you use TubeBuddy for free, you only have access to one scripted response. You may obtain as many premade replies as you like if you’re on the Pro level or higher.


Simply open your YouTube Studio and click the TubeBuddy icon in the top right corner, then scroll down to ‘Website Tools’ and select ‘Canned Responses.’ After that, you may add your own.

TubeBuddy YouTube Comment Responses


Your YouTube Channel Watch Time and TubeMarch


Getting 4,000 hours of view time may seem like a tall order, but it’s not impossible if you put effort into your content and advertising techniques. The most critical piece of advice we can offer is this:

Make your videos spark curiosity and give your viewers a reason to subscribe.


You’ll reach your 4,000 hours if you keep creating, publishing videos, and working on improving your production and content, and we’ll be here to congratulate you!

Also remember that the YouTube algorithm rewards videos that get views on their own, so posting on third-party sharing websites like Reddit or TubeMarch can give you that extra boost.

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When posting your links, remember to use the FULL video link like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOb6ul-82Ms DO NOT use the shortened youtu.be links, they will sometimes not work.